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Board Members

Catherine Seals : Email-

Felicia Clark : Email-

Edwin Shaw : Email-

Billy Ray : Email-

Marilyn Shaw : Email-

Sharilyn Ray, LMSW : Email-

Board Members can be reached via email. Please allow 1-2 business days before a response. 

Mission Statement

Renewing love and spiritual growth in each child entrusted in our care.

Each child is a person and not a paycheck. We will all view, love and treat them as though we would want someone to treat our own children/family member if they were in the same situation.

Selfless service – Our number one priority are the children placed in our care. We will place them first and at any point we as an organization, individual or family is causing more harm than benefits we will reconsider placement of the child placed in our care.

Trust is built and kept between RFS staff and our homes. If at any point trust is broken through lack of valuing Restoration’s mission statement, it is agreed that sponsorship will be reevaluated.

Our belief is that every child and family have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that true restoration and healing comes through Christ and our services and attitudes should reflect such. We believe that all individuals and families deserve the opportunity to be empowered with the skills to appropriately advocate for their family, especially those dealing with the child welfare system.

Retention of foster homes through appropriate training, support and resources. RFS mission is to ensure foster homes needs are met so they in return can ensure that the children in their home needs are met.

Ability to respect all children placed in our care, all RFS families, and RFS staff during all interactions.

To help in the healing and restoration of children and families in Christ one by one, by providing resources, support and unforgettable Christ-like service.

Initiate effective change in the lives of children and families, community and state partners, through supports and services based on biblical ethics including respect, honesty, compassion, and empathy.

Organization founded and built on God. We are a faith-based organization that centers all actions and reactions upon whom we were founded.

No longer committed to this mission statement. If for any reason a home cannot meet the requirements of this mission statement, the agency has a right to withdraw sponsorship from the home and the home has a right to find another agency for Sponsorship. 

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